Locaste's Finest Heroes

Alice of Ravens

  • Alice of Ravens
  • Hyper Minis Alice Miniature Painted
  • Alice of Ravens Playing Card

Lolita Vampire Lobelia

  • Lolita Vampire Lobelia
  • Hyper Minis Lobelia Miniature Painted
  • Lolita Vampire Lobelia Playing Card

Steadfast Fighter Cimon

  • Steadfast Fighter Cimon
  • Hyper Minis Cimon Miniature Painted
  • Hyper Minis Steadfast Fighter Cimon Character Card

Orphan Rogue Mahi

  • Orphan Rogue Mahi
  • Hyper Minis Mahi Miniature Painted
  • Hyper Minis Orphan Rogue Mahi Character Card

Pirate Warlock Sereva

  • Pirate Warlock Sereva
  • Hyper Minis Sereva Miniature Painted
  • Hyper Minis Pirate Warlock Sereva Character Card