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Bringing Anime to Tabletop Gaming—
One Chibi Miniature at a Time.

NOTE: I’m slow to update my website because I don’t like taking time away from my modeling. I’ll always post my latest works on the Hyper Minis Facebook page!

Trade your soul email for the 3D-printable .STL files for Dancer Mara and Demi-God Baldr! Nothing suspicious about that…

But seriously I’m building a list to notify my pals when I have, like, a Kickstarter coming out and stuff like that.

My Story

I love playing Tabletop games like D&D, but I always felt there was something missing–it just wasn’t quite Anime enough for me.

3D printing changed that for me. I could finally create the minis I wanted, and actually, my first five heroes are the characters in my own campaign.

With 3D printers becoming more common, my goal is to share my love of anime and tabletop gaming with the best community gaming has ever seen.

Featured Heroes

Just a few of the heroes fighting to protect the nation of Andraste

Kirito | Sword Art Online Fan Art

Vladyn | Valdis Story Fan Art

Asuna | Sword Art Online Fan Art

Mori Jin | God of High School Fan Art

Not enough heroes for you? Check out our growing ranks!